Limited Clients Means Special Attention

Multi Million Dollar Advocates ForumHall & Taylor Law is a well respected law firm that represents victims of medical malpractice,  motor vehicle collisions, bad products, and other catastrophic injuries.

We are an aggressive law firm. Our trial lawyers have firmly established themselves with insurance companies and defense firms.  We know and understand their gimmicks and tricks. They know we will go to trial.

Million Dollar Advocates ForumOur lawyers take our job as counselors and advocates seriously.  Our clients are our passion, and we will not back down until they receive the compensation they deserve. 

At Hall & Taylor Law Partners, we work with a limited number of clients and cases. This allows us to provide high quality, personalized service to our clients and devote special attention to each case.

Our record of verdicts and settlements speaks for itself.

Do You Have A Case?

Randy HallThere are many factors affecting the successful conclusion of an injury or negligence case. This website provides a number of tools to help determine if you have a case.

We offer free consultation and free case analysis. We have made it easy for you to tell your story. Call us toll-free at 844-88-LAW4U. If you're not ready to talk, click on our contact form or send an email to me personally. Click to email

If you are serious about your case, let us know if we can help. We'll let you know if you have a case.

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Will My Case Settle Out of Court?

Mattie TaylorOften cases do, and should, settle out of court. Your case will settle only if you choose to accept an out of court settlement offer. We will never push you to settle your case out of court if it is not in your best interest.

Many lawyers boast about settlements achieved for their clients as they, in some cases, well should. But the better question is, did those lawyers achieve the maximum value for their client’s case? Don’t be deceived by claims of large settlements by attorneys who have no courtroom track record. The fact is, if they were proven winners in the courtroom, the settlement claims, while appearing large, may have been much larger had a true trial lawyer been their attorney.

Insurance companies keep track of attorneys who are proven winners in court and those who push to settle their cases. They know who is bluffing and who is serious about their client’s claims. Only attorneys who have a proven track record in the courtroom can maximize the value of your case during a settlement. The truth is, if the insurance company knows your lawyer does not go to court, the value of your case will be diminished.

No Upfront fees

What Does It Cost?

It costs nothing to ask. You can call us anytime for an opinion on your case and you will not be billed for our time. We will give you our honest opinion on how you should proceed EVEN if you don’t hire us.

At Hall & Taylor Law Partners, when we take your case, we do so on a "contingency fee" basis. What this means is that we will advance any and all costs to pursue your case. These costs can include, but are not limited to, filing fees, copies, long distance, travel costs, deposition fees and similar costs that are incurred in litigation. You only pay those costs back in the event of a recovery.

Likewise, we do not bill you for our time to pursue your case. We only get paid if we get you a recovery. This is why it is called a contingency fee. Our fee is contingent only upon our successful resolution of your case.