Medical malpractice law is a very specialized area of the law. These cases are filled with hidden traps in the law. Your attorney needs to have a proven track record in these types of cases or your case will be compromised. In its simplest terms, you do not want a family practice doctor performing your heart surgery any more than you want an inexperienced attorney representing you in a medical malpractice case.

Hurt by a hospital, doctor, or drugs?Medical Malpractice cases are very expensive to pursue. They likewise are very time consuming. Only in the rarest of occasions will they settle quickly.

We must locate a medical provider in the same specialty as the one that injured you. In most instances we will have to go out of state to find these experts. For the same reason, experts for your case must be chosen very carefully. We have a team of medical experts ready to advise us about your case.


CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE ATTORNEY: If you don’t hire us, hire a qualified attorney to represent your interests. The statute of limitations for medical negligence is as follows: Arkansas Two Years Tennessee One Year Alabama Two Years Texas Two Years

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH FIRST: Concentrate on getting well from your injuries. Let us worry about your case.

MAKE A TIMELINE AND TAKE NOTES: Take good notes about the people you remember at the scene, statements that you overheard and who provided you medical treatment. Keep a record of the names of the physicians, nurses and other providers who treated you.

TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR INJURIES: Take photos or your injuries as and when they heal. This will help us tell the jury your story.

BEWARE OF HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION: Do not speak to any person about your injuries or the fact that you have or may consult an attorney. They will use anything you say against you if it is in their best interest.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Do not post comments and photos on any social media about your case. These postings may become evidence in your case. Remember: anything you say, write or post will be used against you.

PRESERVE YOUR EVIDENCE: Preserve any and all evidence...such as the clothes and shoes you were wearing when you were hurt, medical bills, letters from insurance companies, photographs, texts and emails. When in doubt, save it.

Choosing An Attorney

Choosing an attorney for your injury case can be a life outcome determinative decision. Lack of knowledge, l timely action and familiarity with the courtroom can drive the value of your case down. Click here for some questions you should ask:

tips for hiring an attorney